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Shower Power Booster

Shower Power Booster


NO Electrician Needed

30-Day MONEY-BACK Guarantee

BUY direct from UK manufacturer & inventor

NO electrician needed | 30-day MONEY-BACK guarantee | BRITISH designed & made

The Shower Power Booster Range

The Shower Power Booster is a unique pump which can be DIY fitted to any shower, tap or hot water system to quickly boost performance.

It uses a 12V DC power supply which can be plugged into a conventional socket without the need for an electrician. British designed and manufactured, it uses just 5% of the energy consumed by a traditional pump. With 5-star reviews, 2-year warranty, free delivery and excellent customer service, it’s the low cost and simple solution for low shower pressure and low tap flow.

Shower Power Booster Pumps


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× SP22S Pair of Shower Power Booster Pumps (Boost Hot AND Cold)  £199.98